What is the additional cost of 1999 in my campaign? And can I opt out of this plan or get a refund?

The default charge of INR 1999 is for the Medibuddy plan.

This plan ensures comprehensive coverage for your entire family, minimizing high out-of-pocket expenses. Shoho has partnered with MediBuddy to offer unparalleled benefits: Surgery care benefits worth ₹10,000 and up to 70% discounts on lab tests, along with 15% discounts on medicines. Additionally, a wallet amount of ₹2500 is provided, which can be utilized for lab tests and online medicine purchases. With MediBuddy, you can connect with over 90,000 doctors across 25 specialties.

The plan will be registered under the campaigner’s name and mobile number, but the benefits can be availed of for up to 3 members, apart from the user.

For more details, please visit the FAQ below:

Unfortunately, this plan cannot be canceled or refunded, as it is mandatory for all campaigners starting a campaign on Shoho.

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