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Running A Fundraisers?

Learn How To Raise Funds For Anything From An NGO Fundraisers To A Start Up.See our Fundraiser FAQs (will be linked)

Contributing To A Fundraisers?

Learn How To Support Fundraisers On Shoho By Way Of Donations And Social Media Sharing To Multiply Impact.See our Donor FAQs (will be linked)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shoho?

We are an online fundraising platform that enables donors like you to support charities, specific causes, start-ups, and social entrepreneurs. With the help of our crowdfunding platform, you can quickly and simply raise money online from people and organizations that share your passion. Small gifts from each donor build up to large sums, which may then be used to address important social issues in Bangladesh

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process of obtaining financial support from a large number of individuals, generally online, in order to finance a social cause, project, or company.

How does Shoho work?

Shoho wants to make fundraising quick, simple, affordable, and enjoyable. On our platform, you can start a free campaign, and invite friends, family, and others in your social network to contribute, and then get a direct transfer of about 90% of the cash raised by the Fundraiser within two weeks. Of course, we assist you at every stage of this process.

What are Shoho’s fees and pricing?

Creating a fundraisers on our platform is absolutely free! Once you’ve raised money, our platform fees plus transaction fees amount to up to 10% of the funds raised.

Can I still use Shoho if I have a fundraiser running on another platform?

Yes, there is no problem in staring a fundraiser on Shoho if you already have a fundraiser running on other platforms

Why does Shoho charge a fundraising fee / cost?

Shoho is a social enterprise, with a primary vision to unify people of all classes through crowdfunding. The platform fee we charge allows us to cover a fraction of our total costs. For example to give you an idea here are some fees we have to pay, facilitating payments requires payment processing fees, currency fees, bank charges, and website development costs that together add up to more than 5% per transaction.

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