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Medical Fundraising & Crowdfunding

Online Medical crowdfunding is an alternative method for individuals and organisations to generate
funds required for costly medical treatments like open-heart surgeries, NICU care, bone marrow
transplant, cancer treatments and any other disease

Medical Bills are a Burden for Many Individuals and Families

Expenses related to hospital stays, cancer treatments with high- cost chemotherapy routines, and other medicinal costs can be even higher. Treatment costs and necessary living expenses can bring the best of families to the brink of experiencing hard times. Insurance plans are not enough, as policies do not cover everything you need.

Try Medical Crowdfunding

Stop worrying about rising medical bills, or debts and start a medical fundraising campaign with Ketto. Our online crowdfunding platform is rated the best in Asia. Crowdfunding is the easiest way to avail support from friends, family and numerous individuals who are waiting to donate funds.

Start a Medical Fundraiser for Yourself or a Loved One

With Ketto, you can start a free, easy fundraiser in minutes to cover medical bills and healthcare costs. You can also take on the role of spreading the word and bring in funds when a close friend is diagnosed with unexpected illnesses. Medical fundraising campaigns can give your well-wishers a way to express support when needed.

What medical treatments can you raise
funds for?

Open Heart Surgery



₹8.6 Cr raised by 35 people for their/loved one's Kidney Transplant.


₹10.7 Cr raised by 52 parents for the treatment of under - developed organs of their babies.

Bone Marrow Transplant

₹8.6 Cr raised by 35 people for their/loved one's Bone Marrow Transplant.

Cancer Treatment

₹32 Cr raised by 103 people for their/loved one's Cancer Treatment.

Any other disease?

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Why are people choosing medical

High Cost Of Treatment

Medical emergencies come without a warning. At times, health insurance and savings are not enough to cover the expensive bill. Crowdfunding helps you reach your goal by getting small donations from a large group of people.

Asking For Money Isn’t Easy

When in need, asking for help from people and describing financial problems face-to-face can be awkward and inconvenient. Online crowdfunding makes the process of asking for money easier and way more seamless.

Emergencies Demand A Prompt Response

When your loved ones are diagnosed with life threatening diseases, it’s overwhelming emotionally as well as financially. Most medical emergencies require the treatment to start at the earliest. By giving you a platform to share your emergency, online crowdfunding helps you gather funds quickly.

Loan Repayment Is Stressful

Getting drowned in personal loans is very common in times of medical emergencies. Once the money is gathered, repaying that loan may take months, sometimes years together. Online crowdfunding comes without debts.

What Ketto Offers?

Starting a fundraiser on Ketto is absolutely free.

24x7 assistance from dedicated fundraiser managers throughout your fundraising journey.

We accept donations in multiple currencies from anywhere in the world.

You can withdraw your funds at any point during the course of your fundraiser.

Get instant updates on your fundraiser's progress on a real-time dashboard.

Accepts donations all cards, netbanking, UPI and online wallets.

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EDUALO Schools project

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your fundraiser to be as transparent as possible, upload a scanned copy of your hospital bill mentioning the medical condition and the amount you require along with high resolution photograph of the patient.

You can raise funds for – Bone Marrow Transplant, Kidney Transplant, NICU Care(in case of premature babies), Cancer Treatment, Open Heart Surgery, Heart defect, Brain tumor, Cerebral Palsy, Aplastic Anaemia, Joint Replacement, Eye Surgery. However, if your treatment option isn’t mentioned here, you can get in touch with us to get assistance – someone from our team will get in touch with you.

Starting a fundraiser on Ketto takes just 3 minutes and signing up is absolutely free*. Just sign up, fill details of what you need money for and hit submit.

You can write to Know someone who needs funds for medical treatment urgently? Help them out by sharing this information with them.

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