Trust & Safety of Shoho

Shoho is always concern about trust and safety issues. We always follow the process the keep the fundraising campaign secured and safe.

You can have tons of questions regarding different kinds of causes, but team Shoho is always ready to give you the correct information. The information that you need to know:

When you will raise funds for an NGO you must have to be verified by submitting correct documents of the NGO like a license or other documents. Our verification team will cross-check the documents and verified your profile. After this step, your fundraising campaign will be approved.

For personal fundraising cause you need to submit your identity card and National identity documents in the profile. Our verification team will cross check the documents and will verify you. After the complete verification process, you can start a fundraising campaign.

Remember, Do not share any personal information like contact number, address details, or any types of violent message that will not be allowed in the fundraising campaign.

You can communicate with the donors in the comment sections. You can not provide other social platform’s links in the fundraising campaign. We do not support any attempt for personal communication.

Why I will trust Shoho’s fundraising Campaign?

Is the payment process is trustworthy?

Yes. We have the best payment gateway system such as Bkash, Nagad, Nexus pay, U pay, Mcash, T cash, etc. We also allow Debit cards, Credit cards, and Internet banking for the fundraising campaign.

I got it. But is it still safe?

We have a certified SSL system and we have secured encryption payment technology. The donation will go to Shoho’s account for safety reasons. So the money is safe with us.

What amount I will get from the campaign?

You can create a fundraising campaign without any cost. For more information please visit (Plan and Pricing page link)

How can the Donor understand my motive?

As everyone can join our platform, Donors can visit your fundraising campaign page through this platform.They have also verified accounts on our platform. Thus we have created a trustworthy, secured, and safe platform.

What is the verification process of the victim?

The campaigners from will have a deal that they will do a campaign for the causes that are supported by Shoho. Before starting a campaign the campaigner must have to submit all the necessary documents including images and videos on the fundraising campaign page. Team Shoho will verify the campaign by visiting the victim physically.

How team Shoho will give security to my donation?

Team Shoho give you thanks and always appreciate your donations. We have a high responsibility to provide you the security of your donations.Because you are the Angel for the victims. Your donation will go to Shoho’s account directly. With your permission, we will release the donations for the victims. You can also have an update about your donation update by clicking button “My Donation Update” button.

Will Shoho keep my identity secret after the donation?

We always care about your personal information secrecy. We do not share personal information with others for security purposes and it is against our company policy.

How Shoho will secure my donation?

Shoho is using a secured encryption system.Our software encrypted all personal data like name, address, email, phone numbers, and others. A person can not convert the encrypted data from our platform. Besides we have a highly professional and technology team working behind.

Why the donor does not need to worry?

How will I know the campaigner is trustworthy?

We can give you a 100% guaranty without the verification process of Shoho the campaigners can not post for a fundraising campaign. We strictly monitor this sector and we have a special team for this department. We also visit physically to the victim for the fundraising campaign. Until then the campaign will not be published.

If I want to ask questions to the campaigner, what kind of questions may I ask?

Yes you can ask any kind of questions regarding transperent issue or you can give suggestions. You can also ask questions by commenting on the fundraising campaign page. 

Will you send my information to random parties?

When you will go for donations you need to submit some informations. We take this information for safety reasons. We do not share information to random people. It is against our company policy.

If my donation does not go for the victims what Shoho will do?

Shoho always cares for the victims. The donation will directly go to Shoho’s account and after the verification of the fundraising campaign we will forward it to the campaigner. We will update you in every stage of the campaign through our platforms.

Why Shoho does not provide the campaigners phone number?

Shoho is a secured and safe platform to raise funds for a cause. To prevent spam calls and fraud campaigners team shoho does not provide their phone numbers. Shoho will take full responsibility for any circumstances if you go through our platform.

I have other questions?

For more questions, you can email us at

Still did not get your reply?

Contact our customer care number. We are open 24/7 to find out your solution.


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