How do I submit a report about the fraud campaigner?

Team Shoho’s first priority is to provide you a secure, verified, and safe fundraising campaign. We do not compromise in the verification section. For any reason, if you have any doubts about a fundraising campaign that has been created we will take instant actions against the campaigner and the fundraising campaign.

We always welcome you to report us about the fraud campaigners. There are some cases that are given below you can report us:

  • If you find any fake identity.
  • If the campaigner is raising funds for a person without mentioning the name and identity.
  • If the statement is false for the fundraising campaign.
  • If the campaigner posts personal information, bank account number, or other documents without Shoho’s permission.
  • If the campaigner uses other copyrighted, trademarked images or other things.
  • If the campaigner creates a violation against the Information and Technology acts of Bangladesh.


What is the process to report against the fundraiser or Campaigner?

Firstly you have to go to their profile and on the top of their profile you can find a button “report”. If you do not find this please Contact Us.

How Shoho will deal with my complaints?

Your complaints will be followed up by our Verification team. We will start an investigation within a short moment against the campaigner and the fundraising campaign. For this case, your help might be needed.

Furthermore, we will give you an update with the investigation report within 7 working days.

Still did not get your reply?

Contact our customer care number. We are open 24/7 to find out your solution.



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