Why should I choose Shoho to create a fundraising Campaign?

Shoho has some facilities to start a fundraising campaign rather than other platforms. These are:

Fundraising success rate: In our platform all the campaigns are successful. We have an experienced team who will help you to make your campaign more successful. Because a successful campaign can make a change to our causes that we are raising fund for.

Availability on the social media platform: We have an existing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn page and we are available on WhatsApp. Everyone can communicate through this social media platform. We also promote the campaign through this social media platform.

Easy Payment System: Shoho is offering different methods of payment systems like Debit cards, Credit cards, Internet banking, Bkash, and others.

Supported by 1000+ Donors: In our platform, there are more than 1000 Donors who are always ready to help the poor people of Bangladesh. If you have a great cause to start a fundraising campaign so why not us. Our team Shoho will always help your campaign to make a successful one.

Trust and Safety: In this platform trust and safety always is an issue. We will always inform the latest information about the campaign which is related to accounts. Our transparency on this fundraising campaign is always in the top category. When it is a matter of saving hundreds of lives we can not allow any dishonesty in this sector.

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