Tell me more about your Shoho Standard Packages. Will you really do not take any charge from this package?

For a particular amount, you can raise funds under Shoho Standard packages. For Shoho Standard packages you do not have to pay any charges. You have to just give a fee for payment gateway systems.

The payment gateway fee is for the service provider.

Want to know more about payment gateway charges?

When you will withdraw your funds you have to go through a payment gateway system. During this transaction process you have to give a charge a small amount for their service.

For example if you want to withdraw the amount through Bkash, you need to give the bkash charge.

As you are not taking any charges where is your profit?

As it is a volunteer project we only care for your love and support to help the poor people of our country. You are the reason for our existance in this volunteer works.

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