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Crowdfunding for Education

The term “Education Crowdfunding” defines itself as a process of raising money by seeking small donations from several people towards an education-related cause.

What is Education Crowdfunding in India?

Education Crowdfunding helps teachers, students and NGOs raise funds to buy classroom supplies, take children on special field trips and build toilets. Crowdfunding can also provide funds for distributing daily meals, upgrade school infrastructures like gymnasium, play areas, classroom renovation and expansion. Online crowdfunding for education is gaining more and more recognition. It is safe, easy and effective, and can reach a much larger pool of people in far less time.

Why Start an Education Fundraiser with Ketto?

Education Crowdfunding on Ketto’s online crowdfunding platform is Effective, Swift and Simple. Education Crowdfunding is also the most economical medium to raise funds for education funding campaigns.

Who can Start An Education Crowdfunding Campaign on Ketto?

Students can Start An Education Fundraising Campaign for themself or provide support to a friend’s education campaign. Parents can Start An Education Crowdfunding Campaign for their Child’s Future Education. Similarly, you can fundraise for education-related causes or collaborate with NGOs that improve the education quality provided in rural schools. The education crowdfunding platform of Ketto offers a fast campaign startup for students, teachers, NGOs and organisations looking to crowdfund for education projects in India and around the world.

Families, students, teachers, administrative
staff can raise funds and start an Education
Crowdfunding Campaign for:


Start crowdfunding for public schools to raise funds from like-minded students, generous parents, teachers and the local community!


Raise money to assist the financial needs of your educational clubs and associations.


Help your after-school program and keep it going by starting a crowdfunding campaign with Ketto.


Try Ketto crowdfunding! Start a crowdfunding campaign for PTA and request donations from friends and family!


Start raising more money for extracurricular activities through education crowdfunding today!

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Why are people choosing medical

High Cost Of Treatment

Medical emergencies come without a warning. At times, health insurance and savings are not enough to cover the expensive bill. Crowdfunding helps you reach your goal by getting small donations from a large group of people.

Asking For Money Isn’t Easy

When in need, asking for help from people and describing financial problems face-to-face can be awkward and inconvenient. Online crowdfunding makes the process of asking for money easier and way more seamless.

Emergencies Demand A Prompt Response

When your loved ones are diagnosed with life threatening diseases, it’s overwhelming emotionally as well as financially. Most medical emergencies require the treatment to start at the earliest. By giving you a platform to share your emergency, online crowdfunding helps you gather funds quickly.

Loan Repayment Is Stressful

Getting drowned in personal loans is very common in times of medical emergencies. Once the money is gathered, repaying that loan may take months, sometimes years together. Online crowdfunding comes without debts.

What Ketto Offers?

0% Platform Fee. Starting a fundraiser on Ketto is absolutely free.

Amount raised after the transactional processing fee is yours to keep.

Accept donations from all cards, net banking, UPI and online wallets from anywhere in the world.

Instantly Withdraw Of Funds without any hassle directly to your bank account.

Multiple people can manage and fundraise for your cause.

Receive instant updates of fundraiser's progress on a real-time dashboard.

Millions of people have successfully raised funds on Ketto for their

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Help to get their education

by Nipun Jude Rozario

Chairman Bari , Banani Dhaka, Bangladesh

EDUALO Schools is a

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EDUALO Schools project

by Abdullah Bin Shahjahan

, Bangladesh

Edualo Schools was s

Raised Percent :
৳ 10,000,000.00
Funding Goal
Days to go
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Fund Raised

EDUALO Chittagong School Project

by Abdullah Bin Shahjahan

Chittagong, Bangladesh

The EDUALO Chittagon

Raised Percent :
৳ 5,000,000.00
Funding Goal
Days to go
৳ 0.00
Fund Raised

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a fundraiser on Ketto takes just 3 minutes, and signing up is free*. Just sign up, fill in details of what you need money for and hit submit.

All campaigners undergo a KYC verification based on the submitted legal identity proofs and other supporting documents. PAN card Address proof – Aadhar card (front and back) or Passport (first and last page) or Election card (front and back), or Driver’s license.

You can reach out to our support team to get advice on much you should raise for your education.

You can write to Know someone who needs funds for medical treatment urgently? Help them out by sharing this information with them.

Yes! You can raise funds to pay for your education in overseas universities.

To withdraw funds in your bank account, you need to submit your bank account details and documents per Ketto’s requirements.

You can write to Just drop your queries and get answers to your doubts.

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